What are the restaurant management

said that the food and beverage industry to make money, but the real success of the people are always a minority. In the process of opening a restaurant, will always encounter a variety of obstacles, then the restaurant business which slope? Here we pay attention to analyze it!

1) break cognitive barrier


this is the first "slope", is the key to the survival of a single store. It depends on the store can quickly establish reputation, can earn popularity, more important is to earn money.

for this, as far as possible to allow potential consumers to try, and let more consumers become repeat customers, it becomes the key to break the cognitive barrier. Think that year, McDonald’s in the reform, in order to expand the visibility, by reducing the price of French fries, hamburgers, in one fell swoop after the reform of the visibility; shaping the economic, affordable and fast image.

2) break through the barrier

once you make money, someone will copy; because the market is open. So, this store is very easy to meet the competitor; then, "is it easy to imitate others, whether can continue operation" has become the second "slope".

3) to achieve sustainable operation

once able to win in the competition, have the opportunity to continue to operate, also can single step, see the broader market; and the continued operation of the store, to provide capital, talent and technology to support the rapid expansion.

but can not rely on the continued operation of one or two personnel to maintain, more important is to institutionalize and standardize operation; because the food chain is not considered by a wide range of operation, or operation, to take into account the expansion and development.

4) implementation of regional expansion

when the expansion from a single store, generally will be the first choice of the surrounding areas, to reduce business risk; at the same time, but also the use of the existing store customer appeal. When taking a greater step, that is, the implementation of regional expansion, business risk has shifted.

first, the supply of raw materials is a big problem, especially for some proprietary raw materials may become a bottleneck restricting the expansion of stores.

second, management personnel, because in the expansion process, a new store must face a new market; more likely competitors market first started; then, the lack of talent has become the operating constraints of the second bottleneck store business success.

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