Thousand Malatang details

today Xiaobian recommended what do not rush to join the project to you, but still want to get right to the point, want to know how to start from the snack franchise industry analyzes the status quo of China’s snack market.

snack in China since ancient times is abundant, the local style snacks, spicy, fragrant high streets and back lanes string barbecue, plate burning and other leisure snacks has become a beautiful scenery around the city. When night fell, lights, night barbecue, fried food, Shabu Xiangpiao ten, stalls before the crowd crowded, bustling diners wear flow. Leisure snacks, unique taste, convenient and affordable, popular on both sides of the Changjiang River! Fact speaks louder than words. According to statistics, the snack food market is equivalent to 1 of the total amount of food and beverage in China, the market share of up to two hundred million or three hundred million, and the annual rate of increase in the rate of 30%. Near the school, before the office, factory open enterprise, residential area, pedestrian street, commercial, entertainment, tourism spots, Xiukuo snacks everywhere, now as long as you go wherever there are people, the market will see snacks before pheasant lights, bustling. In the snack stalls, such as spicy roast beef, mutton, grilled, baked tofu, pig’s trotters, Roast Chicken small melon feet, fried rice noodles, Rice noodles, noodles, Steamed Rice Er Si (traditional food of Yunan), etc., and a variety of cooking products, fruit juices and everything, really is the color aroma and taste.

but from another point of view, our country’s leisure snacks without a system of norms, with no unified management and service standards of the scattered snacks stall, dishes taste, quality and service quality is difficult to guarantee, and health conditions is poor, there are no formal image formation the characteristics, difficult to meet the modern taste of fashion life requirements. With the people’s living standard improvement on the quality of life is more and more high, consumer groups will be more and more narrow, will eventually be some brand name, image, unified technology and service standards of modern fashion leisure snacks instead.

1, thousand Malatang series:

thousand Malatang, Sichuan style Beijing Hui investment management Limited by Share Ltd will be now the most popular snack and the most fashionable combination, combining the diet culture essence in Sichuan and Sichuan style and Chinese delicacy, and build out the new snack brand, has the advantages of all domestic snack outside also, with fashionable and novel image, also has the following outstanding characteristics.

(1) has a fashionable image, combined with the most fashionable fashion, so that the pursuit of fashion of modern people in droves:

(2) of thousands of new spicy snack ideas, unique flavor, the exotic Sichuan style leisure delicacy to the country, curious people are inviting, want to taste fresh;

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