Xining Community College of science teachers interesting to talk about the fun of residents

looked at the ever-changing clouds in the sky, some people say like cotton candy, some people say like rabbits, some people say like a teapot. Because each person’s understanding is not the same, the answer is not the same." In March 6th, Xining Municipal Association held the second session of the community college science school, from continuing education center Yuan Qing teacher is to speak of "psychological education" and the international community residents, students listen to the vivid example nodded.

"what do you say to people on the street?" Yuan teacher asked. With the people who know." Students answer.

"yes, because people’s perceptions are selective, we only greet people we know." Yuan teacher said. "That’s the way it is. If you say hello to strangers, people think you’re sick!" A student’s words drew a laugh.

then, Yuan teacher came up with a good view of the map, so that we feel the mystery. "What do you see?" Yuan teacher asked. "A tree, two stones." The students shouted. What else can you see?" Yuen teacher to guide you, there are no two back to back?" Yes, that is……" Students have responded. When the tree as the object of perception, we see is the tree and stone; but to the tree as the perception of the background, to see that two people back to back." Yuan teacher explained.

about 11 class, students Yiyouweijin, gathered around the teacher, psychological problems in life. "My little granddaughter is more introverted, always does not speak." "My children have problems learning……"

"these knowledge are very practical, I am always free after retirement, and now I can go round here in the university dream, it is very good." 64 year old Zhang Jingzhong said excitedly.


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