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fullness of the chest is a dream of many women, but for plump woman, chest maintenance is a headache problem. How should the big chest breast? See Xiaobian for you to answer.

caution: the so-called breast breast breast products supplies, but not to glorify the threat.

chest fullness of women often suffer from pain in the upper half, it is because they do not choose the fit bra, chest caused by excessive pressure on the body can not be dispersed. The chest is both big and small, too tight or too loose bra will lead to body discomfort, causing back pain.

time before menstruation, rapid hormonal changes will make you feel chest pain and very sensitive, if so, you should try to reduce violent movement in this period of time. You can also take some medicine to relieve the pain.

fit bra: a poorly fitting bra can cause back, shoulder and neck headaches.

score: 3 years cup upgrade from 34B to 35D, is the most improved student

Lin Chiling

you may see a lot about breast products advertising, internal and external variety, can not help to. Experts remind: we must be careful of breast products. Now on the market of such products, boast of miraculous, are in fact no rigorous drug testing, so we do not know the specific components of them, it is not clear what these components to the body. In addition, coated with cream than oral tablets are more safe, they may also cause skin diseases.

pre care: special period of special care, can reduce the risk of chest lesions.

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