Xining Provincial Bureau of Education under the leadership of rural cadres to do practical things

to conscientiously implement the central and provincial rural work conference, actively promote the rural construction, Xining City Board of education selected from more than 34 operating units in the high political quality, strong sense of responsibility, with certain policy theory level and the business skills of the middle-level cadres and reserve part to Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, Huang Zhongxian County, Huangyuan. Deep spiritual village preaching point the central and provincial Party Committee document No. 1.

it is understood that the Xining City Board of education sent to Datong County of Yongfeng village cadres in the central and provincial Party committee propaganda Document No. 1, learned Yongfeng village primary school due to low computer information technology course cannot open normal situation, actively to reflect the relevant departments in Xining city in twenty-second, Yongfeng initiative for the village primary school donated ten computer and equipment, let the children and rural children to enjoy the city more advanced educational resources, but also for the Yongfeng village party room donated 300 yuan in cash. (author: he arrow)


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