Basic medical insurance for urban residents in Xining six additional convenience and concessions

days ago, the Xining municipal labor and Social Security Bureau to develop a 2008 annual premium payment of basic medical insurance for urban residents implementation scheme. Compared with last year, this year’s basic medical insurance policy for urban residents and more convenient and favorable six.

it is understood that these preferential policies is the main financing standard increased 40 yuan, borne by the government, individual payment standard is still the same as the 2007 year; the insured people in the residence community for the renewal or insurance formalities, will provide free access to the IC card payment and convenient diagnosis; designated medical institutions in Xining City, can free choice of hospital treatment; provide adequate care for patients with chronic disease. From September 1st onwards, type II diabetes, hypertension, pulmonary heart disease (stage III lung function grade II) and coronary heart disease (myocardial infarction), cancer chemotherapy and analgesic therapy, anti rejection treatment of 7 uremic patients with hemodialysis, specific organ transplantation to the medical office, bureau of social security of residents in Xining City for confirmation after the formalities of outpatient medicine fee may be reimbursed 40% of the annual maximum reimbursement of 800 yuan; to meet the basic needs of children’s doctor, and expand the scope of pediatric drugs; the longer the insurance reimbursement ratio is high, continuous insurance payment every 1 years reimbursement of hospitalization increased 1%, sustained 10 years insured can be increased by 10%. If you interrupt the payment of the insured, according to the proportion of the insured first year reimbursement.


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