Chinese writers translation of people literary quality books into the campus curtain

recently, the Provincial Writers’ Association and the National Association of literary translation in our province writer and translator in Qinghai National University, presented China writers of Chinese translation of books to the school of Tibetan people "(Tibetan volume) 2400 copies, opened the Chinese Writers Association of Chinese translation people" literary quality books into the campus activities prelude.

China writers "translation of people" literary quality books "into the campus" is an important practice of the Provincial Writers’ Association, in-depth study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping important speech of the Forum on literature and art, the significance is to promote universal reading, book building Chinese, promote Tibetan writing and translation, cultivation of Tibetan literature creators, reading and the translator. As Chinese writers of minority literature development project · Chinese translation of Tibetan people special one of the rolls (2013, 2014), were published by the Writers Publishing house. The project carried out in 2013, implemented by the Chinese writers association. The Provincial Writers Association and the Qinghai Association for the translation of ethnic literature for three consecutive years have organized outstanding Tibetan Chinese writers and translators to undertake and complete the translation, editing and publishing of Tibetan volumes.


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