Huangzhong carefully prepared to practice the mass line

last year, the first batch of the central and provincial Party’s mass line educational practice activities, Huangzhong county educational practice before the priority among priorities of the position, always put the preparatory work firmly in their hands, for the county education practice activities carried out formally laid a good foundation.

County attaches great importance to study and formulate the "preparatory work of Huangzhong county Party’s mass line educational practice implementation plan", and the timely convening of a special meeting arrangements for the preparatory work, pre identified 22 key tasks from six aspects, a clear lead unit, responsible departments and deadlines. At the same time, discipline inspection, organization departments to strengthen supervision and inspection, the implementation of the tracking effect, to ensure the implementation of the tasks. County Central Group, Party organizations at all levels through theoretical study, seminars, invited experts and other forms of teaching, focus on learning the "mass line", "" austerity against waste and the central leadership of the important speech, thematic learning to focus on more than 180 times, more than 90 times. Party building in Huangzhong, the county television opened a mass line activities column, opened a document interpretation, important discourse and other columns. To carry out the mass line we talk about essay activities, solicitation to 128 articles.

at the same time, to carry out special research, extensive comments, the problem will be found in a timely manner rectification. According to the work of the center, has held key project project, illegal pornography, fine management, the reform of the household registration system, air pollution, land acquisition and relocation, solve the outstanding problems in economic and social development. Formulated and issued a "further clean up the administrative examination and approval notice", to further standardize administrative examination and approval; serious investigation of three funds and use of non-standard problems, carry out a comprehensive membership card repaying work; carry out a comprehensive vacate office space cleanup work, the government canceled the food hall of leadership at the county level "special treatment".


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