Chase young cadres to implement the plan

to continue to broaden the cadre training and practical training channels, to improve the cadre training mechanism, Datong innovation initiatives, vigorously implement the "young cadres pier Miao plan", from the county departments and township send 43 cadres testing exercise, really let the township and village (community) a line to become the main front talent growth of young cadres.

the implementation of the county "pier Miao plan" to lower cadres and township cadres, township cadres Bangdai learning difficulties in village and village cadres Bangdai learning combination model. Selected organs Fu Keji cadres reserve to the township Deputy Director Ren Xiang Hang assistant to the mayor or township government service center, let the lower cadres business management and operation procedures are familiar with the township, grasp the petition reception and resolving disputes way, improve their own quality and ability of cadres.

at the same time, in order to strengthen cadres daily management and assessment work, the county established cadres archives, establish and improve attendance, assessment system, make the management work of normalization.


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