A member of the four Gang community service more intimate

Who lives in the provincial capital of Nanchuan Road No. 130 Jia Shu Yuan Li Shizhong already 80 years old, because the legs inconvenient, unable to handle the formalities of community elderly subsidies. The city district Nanchuan Road offices Fu Lu Xiang South Community Grid long Wang Li after that, holding the old residence booklet, identity cards and other formalities for the old man for a good old age allowance. Li Shizhong said: "now the community workers are also a number of posts, they have done a good thing for me, I have any difficulties in the future, as long as they say, will be able to solve."

Nanchuan Road No. 128 cottage two elderly, third mesh grid length is a member of the supporting floor. When she visited the home and found two elderly people usually no one to take care of her spare time, she came to the old man, for them to wash bedding, cleaning. That the old man is very poor, the grid with two old man to the hospital to check the body, to the community rehabilitation center exercise.

"if not for the community staff, my child may have to go to school." Area residents Ms. Yang’s account has not been in Xining, the children have to go to school this year, and Ms. Yang can not give the child registration. The community staff after that small to Ms. Yang children contact the school.

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