June 31st Xining City Administration ndustrial and Commercial Bureau self-employed can test


this year individual industrial and commercial households inspection time for a month, this month 31 days off.

in addition to self-employed households active experience, Industrial and Commercial Bureau Xining city law enforcement officers to take on-site service, reservation service delay service, a variety of ways to carry out inspection work. At present, Huangyuan County, Xining city has completed the first test. The administrative department of industry and commerce license certification of self-employed households, the main inspection permits are complete and valid, whether business beyond the approved scope of business, whether it has been illegally employed child labor. Law enforcement officers also review the food safety, fireworks, Internet cafes and other places of entertainment to public life and property safety of the industry, if they do not meet inspection requirements, shall be ordered to stop the related business activities, and the deadline for cancellation of registration or change registration procedures.

2009 annual individual industrial and commercial households inspection work this year until June 31st, according to the procedures of handling overdue individual industrial and commercial households, Industrial and Commercial Bureau will be dealt with according to law.


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