What are the business opportunities in 2016 2016 will start

business can not be blind, only the foolhardy is a thankless task, so if you want to do business, you must first find business opportunities. Perhaps we are thinking, what are the opportunities in 2016? Are there any small business projects recommended? Today Xiaobian for everyone to introduce.

2016 what are the opportunities? Specialty restaurants

2016 what are the opportunities? Double skin milk shop

2016 what are the opportunities? Adult model shop

1) Investment: 15-30 million; 2) investment form: non franchise; 3) store area: 40-60 square meters; 4) store rent: lots of different, can be controlled in 10 thousand yuan / month; 5) investment location: convenient transportation, high consumption level of community or commercial area and near the school 6); consumer groups: Hobby Model men, from junior high school students to white-collar workers; 7) investment payback period: 1 years.

The first step is to find the


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