Xining in 2012 for the successful completion of the project ahead of the facts

6 new rural comprehensive service center, for the construction of the 12 schools, college entrance examination hearing equipment system, the new public rental housing of the 8000…… Earlier this year, the Xining municipal government to the city’s commitment to the people: to solve the problem of people’s livelihood in a more prominent position, to promote social progress and further improve public services. As of November 21st, the ten major categories identified in Xining for the project has been successfully completed in advance of the project has been completed by the people of the 47.

this year, Xining city to solve the livelihood problems in a more prominent position, the implementation of a number of life and the people closely related projects will be implemented, do practical projects involving the construction of new rural areas: the implementation of the 100 party enterprises build a model village project, 60 small projects, the whole village poverty alleviation to be relocated 9 a new rural village and the "three concentration" construction projects, built 200 kilometers of rural roads; the city infrastructure construction, the implementation of the comprehensive improvement of road construction, two South Delingha road and new road Mo road reconstruction project, the new 10 pedestrian bridges, 20 seat bridge lighting; the construction of housing security. The new low rent housing 850 units, 8000 units of public rental housing, affordable housing 150 sets, 1000 sets of shantytowns; social security, the implementation of the Xining disabled persons Comprehensive service facilities project, entrepreneurship training more than 1500 people, organize and guide the transfer of rural labor employment 300 thousand people; sports science, engineering, implementation of school safety implementation of rural compulsory education funds safeguard schools, exempt from city compulsory education stage tuition, creating 7 fitness demonstration community and township; health, health archives, health education, immunization with 10 to 16 of the city’s urban and rural residents equal access to basic public health services; human settlements, complete province of hazardous waste and medical waste disposal center in project construction, the implementation of the Nanshan green barrier two small unitary Hill 26 thousand and 800 acres of reforestation and afforestation area of irrigation facilities, simple road other projects; and "Huimin vegetable basket project, community service and social security project.

near the end of the year, Xining city departments at all levels to collect, develop key livelihood projects next year’s work, hoping to project for the tangible things doing fine, fine, further improve people’s happiness index. (author: Xiao Shu)

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