Xining this year, urban residents will continue to promote medical insurance incentive mechanism

12, from the Municipal Social Security Bureau was informed that, in order to encourage more people to participate in urban residents medical insurance, the city will continue to promote the insurance incentive mechanism.

Since the

Xining city basic medical insurance for urban residents to carry out the work, has been third years, the current progress of insurance payment work smoothly, the number increased year by year, the level of medical care insurance benefits increased year by year, continues to expand, as of now the insurance payment number has reached 206 thousand people. Three years insured residents enjoy a total of medical insurance reimbursement of 199994 people, the cumulative reimbursement of medical expenses of $51 million 234 thousand and 900, of which $30 thousand in hospital reimbursement of insured residents have a population of more than and 20.

City Social Security Bureau official told reporters that this year, the city will continue to promote the continuous insured incentive mechanism, the higher the proportion of residents insured the higher the reimbursement ratio. The person in charge, for example, the number of consecutive insurance contributions for each year of hospitalization reimbursement ratio increased by 1%, the highest increase of up to 10%. This reporter has learned that the proportion of urban residents medical insurance hospital reimbursement ratio of 70%; hospital reimbursement for the level of the hospital for the 55% grade; hospital reimbursement for the level of three hospitals in the hospital for reimbursement of up to $40%. As a surname city north from the beginning of 2007 year insured residents, in October 2009 the residents to bridge in the hospital, reimbursement of 55%, due to his three consecutive years of insurance, hospitalization expenses by 57% consecutive insurance reimbursement, so the cost of his medical reimbursement of 2%.


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