Breast mass of female society three early health network

(internship editor: Lin Fei)

early detection

breast mass is a common disease in women. Because of its superficial position, mostly through self-examination, no symptoms before the early discovery. The key is to have a regular self-examination of patients with awareness, master the correct method of examination, once found a lump in a timely manner.

breast mass usually refers to a disease caused by a different mass of breast tissue. Breast lump is the most common disease of the breast, then a female friend to treat breast lumps to do three".

early treatment

should not grasp the breast by hand, because grasping will make the normal breast tissue shrink into a group, feeling like a lump, even if there is a mass can not check.

according to the patient’s age, medical history characteristics, mass properties, combined with the necessary examination (such as infrared, ultrasound, molybdenum target photography, fine needle aspiration biopsy, etc.) in order to make the diagnosis of breast masses.

early diagnosis

lesions have their characteristics: common breast fibroadenoma, more common in adolescent females, smooth, easy mass activities; intraductal papilloma located in the areola area, small mass, is not obvious, with nipple haemorrhage cystosarcoma phyllodes; in the short term, the rapid growth of great mass; breast cancer is more common in older adults mass, hard, less activity, with axillary lymph node enlargement and so on.

regularly (once a month, a week after the menstrual period is better) in the bath self-examination. The correct way is: double cross examination of bilateral breasts (left hand examination on the right side, the right hand side of the left). In addition to the thumb and other four fingers close together, close to the chest wall, through the alternating finger light pressure, according to the order of each region touch the entire breast. Normal breast softer, there is a lump when feeling something sliding under the finger.

breast benign tumor have malignant potential, therefore, for the resection of breast lumps should be general surgery. Even if the breast cancer is not an incurable disease, such as early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment of postoperative combined treatment necessary (such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy), can also be cured.

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