12358 to build a new platform for price reporting

for the convenience of the masses in the first time to report the price, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests, the city district has launched the first 12358 call price reporting platform, by creating a new service platform, the implementation of price reporting comprehensive, diversified, won the praise of the masses.


platform is built up four functions: one is to provide telephone, fax, Internet or other price consultation and reporting, support informants by dialing 12358 phone and Internet and puts forward the price consultation report, convenient query, timely upload informants by the handling of evidence. Two online price reporting business processing system. Through the system of informants put forward price consultation and reporting of the case acceptance, handling, making links provided by the whole process, efficient support, realize the price consultation and online reporting of supervision, and timely release to the public and feedback. Three basic knowledge base management system. To provide information on the price side, to support the price inspection agencies at all levels more efficient and accurate price consultation, reporting and price administrative punishment cases. Four law enforcement personnel management system. Administration of law enforcement administration of price administrative law enforcement personnel. 12358 price reporting call platform since its opening in January 2015, has received a total of 7 cases of price reports, have been dealt with, and within a specified time to respond to the whistleblower.


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