ncrease the province’s economic development personnel training

economic development is inseparable from the promotion of talent, in recent years, the province’s social and economic development by leaps and bounds, and the introduction of human resources are inseparable. Reporter in August 18th from the provincial human resources and Social Security Bureau was informed that the province will continue to promote the reform of talent development system, innovation evaluation and incentive mechanism, build a service platform for talent, continue to do the work of introducing talents.

it is reported that this year, the provincial agency departments to strengthen the construction of personnel recruitment through examination, education and training, high-level personnel selection work, completed the 2955 institutions recruitment recruitment, training a total of 33 thousand professional and technical personnel, recommended 1 high skilled talents for Chinese skills award candidates. In the future, the province will continue to promote the reform of institutional mechanisms for the development of talent, on the basis of the continuous improvement of human resources policies, a comprehensive start to deepen the reform of primary and secondary school teachers professional title system. In addition, the province will implement all kinds of personnel services, including the implementation of overseas returnees and service projects, expert service project and high-level personnel assistance project. In the implementation of overseas returnees and service projects, Provincial Department of human resources and social organizations to carry out the "haiwaichizi Qinghai plateau for service activities, to build a platform for high-level overseas experts and professional and technical personnel in our province area of cooperation and exchange; the implementation of expert service project, approved by the State Department, set up the first national expert service base" in our province Qinghai province Sanjiang plateau and the source of ecological agriculture and animal husbandry expert service base in Qinghai University; in the implementation of high-level personnel assistance projects, our province to declare the "Tibet low energy consumption of green building construction technology system" and "Qinghai province animal epidemic prevention system of professional and technical personnel 2 senior training class and" Qinghai province high quality forage feed distribution base construction exchange seminar ", has been included in the Ministry of human resources and social assistance project high level talents in Western and northeastern China, by country Family finance department funding 330 thousand yuan.


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