National green manure Development Forum held in Xining

August 16th to 20, the national green manure Development Forum held in Xining. The conference was organized by the Institute of agricultural resources and agricultural regionalization, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Qinghai University, Gansu Academy of agricultural sciences. From the national green manure special 21 provinces (cities, districts), the 39 units of the subject or the subject of the 46 leaders attended the meeting.

conference invited industry experts to do China land consolidation work situation, the variation of organic carbon content in farmland soil in our country and its reason, green manure and water soluble organic compounds in soil biological processes and environmental effects and other special reports; the project group of the southern green manure production potential and scientific needs, North China green development path with policy support, the southwest and northwest regions of green manure production and Utilization Prospect of green manure development achievements and prospects of regional report.

During the

meeting, the experts visited and listened to the Qinghai University Academy of agriculture and Forestry Research Institute of soil and fertilizer, green manure demonstration site and report, report shows that planting leguminous green manure in our province, the stubble fertilizer, manure fertilizer utilization way, the mu income increased more than one thousand yuan, but also make the following crops by 8 – 15%, 20 – 40% of the amount of fertilizer saving, is of far-reaching significance in Qinghai agricultural production, environmental protection, safety of agricultural products, to overcome soil disturbance, a huge potential for development. Experts fully affirmed and highly appraised. (author: Zhao Jing)

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