42 network media feel the rapid development of Qinghai

The mysterious beauty of Kumbum Monastery, in the scent of the flowers, the world of the Yellow River Menyuan Qing Guide…… Let the beauty of many 42 network media visitors. In July 15th, the "Sanjiang" Qinghai image folk group came to the largest salt lake in Qinghai Lake, a wide expanse of mist-covered waters, blue sky of Qinghai Lake, like a huge emerald jade plate embedded in the mountains, grasslands, mountains, lakes, grasslands Xiangyingchengqu magnificent scenery of the beautiful scenery and fascinating.

travel rich people forget

July 15th morning, folk songs delegation came to Qinghai Lake scenic area, feel the magnificent natural scenery, drove to the West town of Haiyan County to visit the Atomic City Memorial and Wang Luobin Museum of art, music, culture and art roam heaven. It is understood that this station is a folk group on fourth folk songs during the trip, the delegation went to Xining city to visit the Qinghai Tibetan Medicine Culture Museum, drove to Huangzhong county to visit Kumbum Monastery, visit the Menyuan County Menyuan hundreds of rape flowers, Guide county to enjoy the plateau "small Jiangnan" cool summer. Daily trips are deeply attracted by these foreign media visitors. Many reporters exclaimed: "every place here is so spectacular, the next time I will come back to Qinghai."

media feel the rapid development of Qinghai


7 12, the delegation has gone through a city, three prefectures and five counties, the most beautiful panoramic view of Qinghai. The folk group in the tour of Qinghai at the same time, also have an intuitive understanding of Qinghai regional economic development. Each of the sites, reporters feel the natural scenery at the same time, but also to understand the economic development across the local government departments in the introduction, from the people.com.cn reporter said: "the county each develop their own industry, in just a few years, now Qinghai has undergone changes in turn the world upside down also, we will use their own camera and the beautiful Qinghai show in front of more people."


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