New technology to support the development and breakthrough of dense oil

8 2, from Qinghai oilfield and Qinghai national division of joint research in the Qaidam Basin "Zaha springs tight oil well logging evaluation technology" successfully passed the final acceptance of shares of the company, so far, Qinghai oilfield tight oil and add "killer" technology.

Zaha spring is the first tight oil block discovered in the exploration of Qinghai oil field, and it is also the fourth largest oil producing area in china. Oilfield exploration and Development Research Institute of Qinghai responsible person said: "tight oil exploration and development of the Qaidam Basin is facing tight oil Xianhua environment is not clear, the lithologic reservoir characteristics of complex components, the lack of system resources evaluation method can be used for reference, and the lack of effective means of reservoir evaluation, five major technical difficulties of reservoir unable to predict sand bodies and lack of quantitative characterization of tight oil reservoir reconstruction technology."

in recent years, relying on the "Qinghai oilfield of Qaidam Basin oil and gas exploration and development in the construction of key technology research and application of science and technology projects, in tight oil exploration, after the technical innovation has formed a complete set of the tight reservoir evaluation, tight reservoir identification standard and dense reservoir reconstruction technology of 5 important knowledge and the results, completed the tight oil exploration and development from the inferior to leading technology leap.

"the Zaha basin tight oil logging evaluation technology" in the Qaidam Basin, which lasted for 3 years before and after the study, accurately summarized the geological characteristics of the high salinity Lake Basin in the area of the spring and the corresponding evaluation of the difficulty of logging in the area of the spring of the lake basin in the area of the spring and autumn of the. Based on the total quality of source rock, reservoir quality, engineering quality 30 4954 block rock physics experiment, carried out the core analysis and "seven" research, fine processing of logging data of 349 wells, achieved 6 main technical results form 3 key technologies, and in the actual production should be made by the Zaha springs area overall interpretation accuracy reached 85% good results.

The breakthrough and application of a series of new technologies of

directly boost the exploration and development of tight oil in Zaha spring. Up to now, the block has proven oil geological reserves of nearly 50 million tons, the production capacity of 150 thousand tons. In the first half of this year, Zaha springs Development Zone average single well oil production 4.56 tons, the cumulative production of crude oil up to 62 thousand tons, for the construction of the Qinghai oilfield 10 million tons of oil and gas fields injected new impetus.


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