Wear a bra for more than 10 hours per day to breast cancer ‘s health network

, but the clinical findings: women who wear bras for more than 8 hours a day are at a rate of two times the risk of developing breast disease. Incomplete statistics found that the hospital outpatient breast, women aged 25-45, every four people have a different degree of suffering from breast disease, breast cancer incidence anxious is rising.

has verified that 80% of women in the world are wearing a different bra every day. Fabric, heart, chest Cup shoulder straps, elastic band, steel wire, back hook, adjustment ring, strip, left wing, decorative flower, suture, lace…… Almost every woman every day in the use of bra, to go into the small parts with those that walk every day.

breast adds a female charm for us, breast also makes a lot of people tortured. We want it to be tall and straight, to be full, to be sexy, to make it beautiful……

the bra can not shirk its responsibility, especially the inspection found 80% of women wearing inappropriate bra without knowing it.

do not wear a bra more comfortable and comfortable, but in order to be beautiful, can not wear — than some knives, wearing a bra is not what.

wearing bra more than 10 hours a day more likely to get breast cancer

know your size:

bra size is a combination of the bust size and code cup, cup code for the bust, such as the difference is about 10cm for the A cup, 12. 5cm B 15cm cup, C cup, and so on. If your chest is 83 cm, 74 cm under the chest, then the right size for you is 75A.

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