The people’s mediation legal knowledge contest is held in the West Victory Road Subdistrict Office

September 3rd, a wonderful people’s mediation legal knowledge contest held in the West District victory Road Subdistrict office. We used to resolve the dispute in good faith, injustice is not what, as long as the two sides to resolve the contradiction between the good." Wang Huiying, the head of a supermarket, said she had a complaint every day.

"once, an old man with an egg found me." Wang Huiying said that the old man half a month ago in the supermarket to buy some eggs, and later he found a bad egg on the supermarket to ask for a change, promoters asked to produce a small ticket, the old man said lost, the two sides dispute. After understanding, Wang Huiying learned that the old man’s idea: such a big supermarket, how can there be such a thing, to remind the supermarket to pay attention to purchase. At that time, Wang Huiying let the staff brought three eggs to the elderly.

there’s one more thing that Wang Huiying can’t forget. A drunk consumer checkout, the cashier will be packed into a plastic bag, the cashier was busy, said, ‘you do not have a long hand’, the other side suddenly quit." Wang Huiying quickly to the consumer is not lost, but consumers want to let the cashier kneel, I can bow to you on behalf of the staff?" Wang Huiying sincere request, the other party asked Wang Huiying and cashier bowed to him to apologize.


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