Xining this month end to eliminate urban black smoke to improve the quality of atmospheric environme

Xining City coal-burning pollution remediation work day before has entered a crucial stage. According to the "opinions" in 2009 the soot pollution control work in Xining City, the city will be completed before September 30th this year, coal-fired boilers, tea bath furnace soot pollution control tasks, eliminate the urban "black smoke", to further improve the quality of atmospheric environment in Xining city.

reporter from the Municipal Environmental Protection Department learned that in September 30, 2009 before the city to complete 250 sets of 356 tons of steam coal smoke pollution control tasks; four district government to complete all coal-fired boilers remediation tasks within the jurisdiction of the county government to complete the task of governance; three coal-fired boilers 2009 objectives; four district government in the completion of the basic tasks under the premise also, must be on the regulation of all emissions within the jurisdiction of substandard coal-fired facilities, on 2007 – the year 2008 ineffective governance and serious pollution problems, the unit shall be resolutely remediation, eliminate the "black smoke".

for the thorough implementation of the "blue sky project", to improve the quality of the urban atmospheric environment, and actively promote the establishment of national environmental protection model city, create a good working and living environment for the residents, the city in the "Xining 2009 coal-burning pollution governance work opinions" clear requirements, in the implementation process already, the use of natural gas and other clean energy boilers, without the approval of the competent administrative department of environmental protection shall not alter its equipment and fuel without authorization, found the competent administrative department of environmental protection will be in accordance with relevant laws and regulations shall be punished; I ban coal zone within the unit, must use clean energy, prohibit the use of coal and other high polluting fuels; no city approval of any use of coal-fired boiler project on coal area; prohibit new construction, renovation and expansion of any burning high polluting fuels facilities etc.. The overdue completion of the task of governance or the use of polluting coal-fired facilities rectification, the relevant departments will take coercive measures according to law, to ensure that the smoke pollution in our city remediation work smoothly; for serious pollution, governance can not discharge coal-fired facilities, will be based on the relevant provisions of the demolition.


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