Xining small and micro enterprises to lower the threshold

Xining small and micro enterprises once again usher in the development of spring. April 2nd, Xining private economic development and investment work conference held. At the meeting, the city on the development of small and micro enterprises in 2013 arrangements.

this year, the city will fully implement the policies of national and provincial and municipal support small and micro enterprise development, optimize the environment, promote the city consciously create good environment under the development of small and micro enterprises. Cultivate various types of market players to promote the prosperity and development, and further reduce the threshold, in accordance with the principle of non ban into the principle of relaxation of market access conditions, reduce barriers to entry. Speed up the development of the carrier, and further improve the County Industrial (industrial) park planning and construction level, improve the service functions, and constantly improve the industry carrying capacity, to guide the development of small and medium sized enterprises into the park. Accelerate the construction of various types of entrepreneurial base, entrepreneurial park, business incubator base for the carrier, leading a number of technology-based, innovative small and micro enterprise development. The guidance, expand the total market, accelerate the development of a number of light industrial products, hardware machinery with small and micro enterprises in the industrial development of the local industry inertia and path; three focus on the development of service industry, foster the development of research and design, information services market; market players actively cultivate the cultural and sports undertakings, social welfare and other public utilities the field of market and community convenience chain stores, breakfast and other livelihood projects services; increasing the income of farmers, cultivating planting and breeding, farmhouse and other market players, the full implementation of the policy of industry entrepreneurship, support all kinds of main business venture, and strive through 2 to 3 years of hard work, the realization of the goal of doubling our city all types of market players. (author: Rong Lijun Zhang Mei)

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