Xining city to create a poor accountability

for the implementation of a city work responsibility, increase supervision and inspection work of a city, and constantly improve the quality and efficiency of work to create a city, to further promote the supervision work standardized and institutionalized, regular, Chong City office to develop a "Xining City creation work supervision system".

it is reported that the inspection take thorough investigation, spot checks, random checks, listen to reports, access to information, interview and investigation, return inspection, etc.. Be practical and realistic, fully and accurately reflect all localities and units and departments in a city to work the problems and weak links, no omission concealed on the inspection; highlight a city’s focus, focus on solving the work through inspection difficult, hot and key issues; focus on the effectiveness of the work, to ensure the project supervision matters piece there is an echo, everything has a result.

in addition, the situation of supervision and rectification as all localities and units and departments work a city assessment and evaluation, target year basis; the unit responsible for the rectification or rectification can not return, poor implementation issues are still outstanding, according to "create a national civilized city of Xining city job interview system" of processing; interviews, criticized the supervision unit, the responsibility is not implemented, still found problems rectification, not as in the inspection work, influence the city to create a civilized city assessment results, in accordance with the relevant provisions, the responsible person shall be held responsible; for criticism, media exposure at all levels of the civilized units, the steering group upon verification of city civilization do civilization office will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the abolition of the "civilized unit" qualification. (author: Wang Xiaofang)


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