Qinghai build a strong foundation of comprehensive strictly

"serious political life within the party is the fundamental work of the party in an all-round way, is a major task of the whole party." General secretary Xi Jinping inspection in Qinghai, we do a good job in the serious political life of the Party pointed out the direction of the path, clear the specific requirements.

I, combined with the "two a" study and education, the general secretary Xi Jinping on strengthening and improving the party’s political life requirements are implemented, adhere to problem oriented, under the above rate, clear responsibility falls the responsibility, guidance, urged the province’s Party organizations at all levels selves, responsible for defending their territories, to further promote the comprehensive strictly, strengthen the party’s the construction, improve the party’s creativity, cohesion and combat effectiveness, efforts to form both centralism and democracy, both discipline and freedom, both unity of will and personal mood lively and vivid political situation.

careful study into the heart into the brain

adhere to the provincial Party committee by the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech mind as a fundamental task, based on self study team members, has held 5 center group seminars, continue to do a good job of Party Constitution, Party General Secretary Xi series of important speeches and to work in Qinghai to study and implement the important instructions, make a demonstration for the province’s Party organizations at all levels.

General Secretary Xi visited Qinghai, the provincial Party committee to study the implementation of the first time to make arrangements to quickly set off a boom in learning, to promote in-depth study and education. Provincial leadership in the Party organizational life to ordinary Party members, take the lead in lectures, talk about understanding, speaking experience, focus on promoting the "four down", the province’s economic and social development the central task, lead the front line research guide, solve problems, layers of demonstration, layers of drive.

I adhere to the party constitution and through series of speeches and unite together to learn and understand, in promoting the deep fine research, into the heart into the brain to work on. Provincial Party committee held the province (state), county (city, district) to study and implement the general secretary of the series of important speech learning exchange, city and county Party committee secretary of the actual talk about learning and thinking, talk about learning experience. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng presided over the provincial Party committee of the Central Committee of the general secretary of the study will be an important speech in Qinghai, the provincial leaders speak enthusiastically, exchange experience. In the basic level, carry out "six" activities, to study and implement the "four major solid" realistically catch fine catch specific requirements.

Party branch generally relying on the "three class" to learn, the grass-roots Party branch organized collective learning more than 3.8 times, generally carried out more than 2 thematic study and discussion, party secretary speaking lectures more than 2.3 screenings.

of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture zhouweishuji to "sit" three class "system to promote the" two a "regular" as the theme for the party lectures. Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture "is the first development of the concept of ecological protection advocates" 10 topics, combined with their own actual organization of Party members to carry out the study and discussion. Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture for every Party member to establish learning files, convenient Party branch Party members keep abreast of the situation to participate in the study and discussion.

Party organizations at all levels also adopted;

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