Xining City, the first batch of 3000 members of the trade union members receive a service card

"It was a great help to us today. For example, go to the designated hospital of a blood pressure, hang a number, or to businesses, sports entertainment places can be discounted, not only enrich our spiritual life, at the same time, also brought us a lot of convenience, Huimin Union policy, is true for our employees." Warehouse door street office staff Lu Xiaofang received a trade union membership service card, said happily.

it is reported that the first batch of pilot work will be carried out in the city zone of Xining city and Xining City, Dongchuan Industrial Park, 3000 members who get inclusive service. "Union members inclusive card" with comprehensive service functions, including difficult worker identification and "warmth", "autumn student, daily assistance, model workers" gold "issue, legal advice, legal aid, occupation, skills training and other functions, membership card can enjoy the service; at the same time, but also in the City trade unions in the development of special business, services, entertainment and other places designated by card, can enjoy discount.

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