Obvious genetic characteristics of female breast cancer health network

prevalence rate is 4.7~7 times higher than normal

had breast cancer, normal 7 to their offspring is the risk of the disease has occurred 8 times, the incidence rate was 10%; if not only the risk of breast cancer, but also suffering from soft tissue sarcoma, offspring of the disease in more than 50%.

2 multi gene

cervical cancer family

3 weight loss. If overweight, breast cancer genetic predisposition is more likely to appear in your body, so do not simply complain about your mother brought you the risk of breast cancer, but also to do their own active prevention.

breast cancer is a disease with obvious genetic characteristics, if more than one person in a family with breast cancer, should be suspected of hereditary breast cancer. The disease is caused by a specific genetic mutation. Those carrying these mutations are not likely to develop in their lifetime, but they can easily become breast cancer patients because of other factors.

1 breast self-examination. If you are 20 years old or older, you should have a breast self-examination every month. Menstruation after ninth ~ 11 days is the best time for breast examination. Because 80% to 90% of breast cancer patients can be found by themselves, so, if found abnormal changes in self inspection, should immediately find a doctor for early diagnosis and treatment.

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5 improves living habits. Excessive alcohol, staying up late, eating fast food, excessive electrical radiation, which is bad for your health habits, they should stay away from.

4 age of marriage. Research shows that older unmarried, late marriage and nonparous etc. are factors that cause breast cancer.

2 regularly to professional institutions to undergo breast examination.

No matter how strong we

family with hereditary breast cancer into two types: one is the mother of breast cancer, daughter also good breast cancer, the age is small, often occurs before menopause, multi bilateral; the other is the mother did not have breast cancer, but in a family, at least there are two sisters suffering from breast cancer, the breast cancer occurred in amenorrhea, often unilateral.

preventive measures:

, are just a family tree branches, or so thick or thin on the records of the total family history of not less. Because the parents and grandparents came to us is not only the appearance, character, and perhaps the disease. Fortunately, the multi gene genetic disease has been defined as "preventable"". More understanding of these "mother and daughter," the tendency of the disease, we can become a lucky tree on the family tree.

1 single gene genetic disease is a disease caused by a genetic mutation, people with this gene will generally occur. In other words, genetic factors play a decisive role in monogenic diseases, while environmental factors do not work.


induced environment:

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