The first lecture lectures lecturer at the grass-roots level

June 18th morning, Xining city party instructors members of the first middle school of Huangyuan County teacher Chen Jianying and the 72 year old retired cadres, the province’s outstanding communist party member Onions Ron Gio respectively, Industrial and Commercial Bureau Party cadres were entitled "the party’s mass line educational practice learning and discussion", "ordinary" teaching play, reveal the truth the plain. This is the first lecture Xining lectures lecturer "grassroots lectures".

to thoroughly implement the party’s mass line, the city from the party members in the areas of the city of retired cadres, model character, the typical rich and typical representative of the outstanding secretary of the grass-roots party organizations, professional and technical personnel, local personnel in 9 aspects as selection of 56 with high theoretical level and practical experience outstanding member of the Communist Party, composed of Xining city party instructors. Instructors take grass-roots party organizations of self selected the way of appointment, go to the countryside, community, non-public economic organizations and social organizations, grassroots organizations, 5 aspects of party policy theory, history, basic knowledge, practical experience, for the masses of Party members technical knowledge and special topic teaching. Up to now, the lecturer has received more than and 180 units in the course of the appointment of 405.

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