Real estate, the city’s economic growth stabilizer

From the first half of last year, affected by the favorable policies to stimulate the market demand for the release, the city real estate market relative to the national market rebound trend, real estate investment, real estate sales, second-hand housing transaction volume continues to maintain steady growth, the real estate industry has stabilized to play an important role in driving the economic development of our city in.

– 28 billion power of real estate development and construction in 2015, the Xining real estate market in promoting national and local market stable and healthy development of the policy, in the overall economic downturn, the domestic real estate market is very sluggish in the background, the trend, real estate investment sales than in 2014 increased significantly. The city’s total investment in real estate development completed 28 billion 43 million yuan, an increase of 13.6%, accounting for the city’s total investment in fixed assets of 21.64%, accounting for the province’s total investment in real estate development of 83.55%. Over 150 of the total development and construction projects. Especially since the second half of the year, with the provincial and municipal governments to guide the implementation of investment and consumption supporting policies, real estate investment momentum is more strong, market confidence has increased significantly.

– commercial housing sales growth of 15.31% at the same time, with the further implementation of RRR cuts, tax credits and other favorable policies, in shantytowns and key construction projects under the drive, I just need the market orderly release of contradictions of the real estate market oversupply eased further. 2015, the city’s real estate sales turnover of 3 million 537 thousand and 800 square meters, an increase of 15.31%. Commodity housing transaction area of 2 million 827 thousand and 400 square meters, an increase of 8.3%.

– open channel to the inventory with market gradually pick up, at the end of 2015 the city’s commercial housing inventory rose fell 5.92 percentage points lower than the same period. At the same time, the transformation of urban shantytowns resettlement work is also effective in promoting the commercial housing market to inventory, in 2015 through an open tender, 2440 sets of commodity housing purchase. 2016 will further increase the amount of commercial housing inventory through the resettlement efforts.

– the average price of commercial housing 4712 yuan / square meter to the end of last year, our commercial housing transaction price 6211 yuan / square meters, down 0.27%. Which commodity housing transaction price 4712 yuan / square meter, down by 1.59%. According to the analysis of factors of the city’s housing land costs, Chienan costs, facilities and financial cost prices over the years, 4712 yuan per square meter price to cost plus profit, coupled with the Xining real estate development cycle is longer, so, compared with other commodities and industries, housing prices inflated ingredients.

– new measures to boost confidence in the real estate market according to the current real estate market situation in 2016, will focus on the development of the real estate market and aiming at the difficulties, to adjust the structure, steady growth, promoting consumption "as the core, constantly optimize the industrial layout adjustment, land supply, driving project investment, guide housing consumption and actively cultivate and develop the rental housing market;

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