The city was named the national advanced areas in the reform of the cultural system

In the recently held national cultural system reform work in recognition of the general assembly, Xining city was named the title of "advanced" national cultural system reform work, Xining City West District Cultural Center was named "advanced unit" title of national cultural system reform.

I since the reform of the cultural system to carry out the work, to strengthen leadership, careful arrangements, basis to rationalize the system, innovation mechanism, classification guidance, steady progress. According to the nature and function of existing culture, scientific classification and orientation of cultural institutions, strengthen the integration of resources, promote the intensive development of the city, various cultural units qualitative duty more clear, more accurate, more reasonable structure. In order to ensure the rapid development of the transformation of the state-owned art troupes after the annual financial support the establishment of a special fund 5 million yuan for the performing arts performances and creation. At the same time, the city government, enterprises and social capital into multiple, raising a total capital of nearly 600 million yuan, built the Qinghai Grand Theater, cultural theme park, people stage and other large cultural construction projects. We will continue to increase the construction of public cultural facilities in urban and rural areas, and organize and implement a number of key cultural projects. Successfully created Chinese · Qinghai Xining original ecological dance and modern dance festival, Chinese · Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival, the Cultural Festival, the evening show, China · Datong classic mountain flowers, the mother and the queen mother of the West worship ceremony and other large festival culture brand launched the "Spring Festival Fire"; "people, big stage" mass culture "brand, the Spring Festival’s fire" by the Ministry of culture awarded the national cultural activities of the masses "Stars Award"; the construction of the "eight petal lotus" Cultural Industry Park, folk culture street, a street in South Gate Dan jade cultural area, the cultural and Creative Industrial Park, started the Thangka, skin embroidery, Kunlun jade, silver and bronze and other folk product brands, has greatly improved the Xining as China xiadou visibility and influence.  

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