What brings the exhibition economy to Qinghai

enhance the visibility of Qinghai

right now, you walk in the streets of Xining, you will see a different dialect of tourists come and go. Night, in front of a number of specialty snack bar, specifically to taste the food is a long queue of tourists. The development of exhibition economy, tourism is the most direct beneficiaries.

At the beginning of

2000, the tourism industry of Qinghai province formulated the development goal of the year: the total tourism revenue reached 1 billion yuan, which was still a staggering figure. Because, in 1999, the direct income of the tourism industry in Qinghai was 220 million yuan. After just 4 years, in 2004, the number of tourists in Qinghai for the first time exceeded 5 million passengers, total tourism revenue of RMB 2 billion 20 million yuan.

take this year, from 1 to July, Qinghai received domestic tourists of 9 million 82 thousand and 300 passengers, inbound tourists of 21027 passengers, domestic tourism revenue of $6 billion 830 million, total tourism income of 6 billion 900 million yuan. Among them, in July, Qinghai received 3 million 399 thousand and 200 domestic tourists, inbound tourists of 11799 passengers, domestic tourism revenue of $2 billion 770 million, tourism foreign exchange income of $5 million 850 thousand, total tourism income of 2 billion 800 million yuan. Only a month in July, tourism accounted for five major indicators this year, from to July the top 1/3.

this, tourism department pointed out that Qinghai tourism is the combination of the characteristics of tourism, actively launched China summer, Qinghai Lake and other brands, take the initiative to go out and expand publicity, attract more tourists to Qinghai tourism. At the same time, organized by the Qinghai Lake international road cycling race, Green Fair, Tibetan carpet and other major festivals, occasion, borrow things, to form a section of the rally, popularity, expand the influence, enhance the visibility of Qinghai, an increase of Qinghai tourist market share.

platform for the development of enterprises to build

"the development of enterprises, can not do without the support of the government. Enterprises take off, the government needs to build a platform." In August 10th this year, at the fifth Qinghai international Thangka art and cultural heritage exhibition, the first time to participate in the exhibition of Qinghai cultural and creative arts and Crafts Development Co. Ltd. Dorje Dorje said a responsible personnel.

Just as a

Dorje feelings, Qinghai province’s major exhibition held successfully, to build a strong platform to Qinghai was never well-known market approval for the development of enterprises to emerge in the country, and finally embarked on the international exhibition, people with professional field explore together with the development of the enterprise. Why there is such a rapid pace of development, the platform is critical.

to the Green Fair, for example, in 2000 the first session of the fair will not have a professional exhibition venue, located in the Qinghai Convention Center, only 120 stalls. Green Fair this year, the exhibition area of 50 thousand square meters, more than doubled the previous session. Invite the world’s top 500, China top 500 and the central enterprises, the advantages of private enterprises participating exhibitors.

2012 China (Qinghai) International Exhibition of Tibetan carpets;

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