Xining Municipal Administration of industry and Commerce on the campus surrounding environmental rem

to strengthen the campus surrounding environment remediation, to create a safe and stable campus surrounding environment, and effectively optimize the growth environment for young people. At the beginning, the city of Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau (sub) on the County Council to carry out of the campus surrounding environment carried out supervision and inspection: one is the campus around the Internet cafes, game rooms are bright business license; whether the existence of the phenomenon of super scope. Two is the campus surrounding food business households "food circulation permit" is valid; whether the sale of "three noes", substandard goods; whether the requirements of the cable card to do the ticket. Three is the campus surrounding stationery store, toy store is selling pornography, violence, gambling and other unhealthy content of audio and video products, books and magazines and unhealthy, unsafe children’s toys, etc.. The four is the existence of undocumented phenomenon around the campus.
the supervision and inspection work, the 7 primary and secondary schools around the 113 Internet cafes, food stores, stationery and other checks, law enforcement officers were deployed 15 passengers, vehicles 2 times out of law enforcement, found in the inspection of 1 households in 3 households did not exceed the scope of business, according to the phenomenon of illegal business on order operators of the deadline for rectification.


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