The sunshine of the masses harmonious and beautiful home

You can use the resources, combined with the actual development of different services according to different groups of people, to achieve a quarter life service circle, including: love supermarket, convenience barber, gas purchase, collection electricity, telephone charges, limited television fees, home appliance repair, the elderly daily health care etc.. Community set up a telephone line, a cable, a warm contact card for residents to achieve a quarter of an hour to provide protection of life services.

for area residents to provide convenient, quick and accurate service, based on the existing community management system and information platform, the community is divided into sixteen grid, grid and grid selection long concurrently Party group leader, by the community members or enthusiastic residents within the grid as propagandists and assistants, security patrol, fire propagandists, disputes mediators, health supervisors and other 6 categories of personnel, the main diagnostic of security risks exist in the grid, the demands of the people, public opinion, influence the stability factor, community construction opinion and other issues.

community set up by the monks, religious people, ethnic minorities, community workers, grid composed of long association of religious people, religious people of all ethnic groups to build a caring dedication to the society, to carry out charitable activities of the fraternity platform. In addition, the community is through the "all-round" and "process" and "all-weather" service for area residents to send jobs "and" send skills "," health "and" warmth "and" send policy "," free culture, make community work to the public opinion. Home, home, heard all kinds of opinions and safety hazards found home, establish emotional heart of the home and preferential policies announced home, meticulous work to do at home, do good things at home, helping care for warm home, jobs sent home. The "three six to send nine home" core value concept and practice is people-oriented, serving the people wholeheartedly.

for the residents to provide convenient and considerate service, really make the southern Shanxi community becomes the organization members and outstanding advanced, accepted by the masses, harmonious and beautiful sunshine homes. Nanshan West community to create a first-class community comprehensive service center, the new in accordance with the one hall three outlets in the center of the six room eight stations;

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