Hot girl is most likely to cause hyperplasia of the breast female health network

experts pointed out that long-term emotional distress, emotional anxiety, tension, irritability, irritability and other characteristics of women prone to breast hyperplasia. This is because a strong emotional reaction and influence the normal social adaptation, resulting in thalamic pituitary ovarian axis?? function disorder caused by high estrogen, progesterone deficiency caused by breast structure disorder, caused by hyperplasia of mammary glands. Therefore, women are more likely to suffer from irritable breast hyperplasia.

for women, breast self-examination is very important. We should find a time to lie or sit down for a month, with 4 fingers together, flat stroked their breast, feel any part of a foreign body sensation, if you didn’t feel peace will may be long nodule position.

we may not know that women have a relationship with women’s mood and temper with breast disease, female depression, work pressure, the mood is very susceptible to breast disease, so our experts pointed out that "hot girl" primary breast hyperplasia, then you have to listen to a small series of introduction!

check the time to pay special attention to the outside of the breast, because the site of the largest glands, 45% of breast hyperplasia will occur here. Apart from the above is just above, below, below and areola may appear hyperplasia. Some women with menstrual changes, breast swelling, mild pain, which is a normal phenomenon.

is generally more than 6 weeks pregnant women, estrogen and progesterone secretion in embryonic villi will stimulate breast hyperplasia, if many times, hyperplasia of the breast tissue is not easy to shrink, more difficult to recover and the formation of breast lobular hyperplasia.

fuse breast hyperplasia

is not a diffuse nodules, nodules are not hard, you can take the way to eat Chinese medicine or eat some western medicine to regulate endocrine. If it is a diffuse severe hyperplasia, often pain, medication did not improve, and the duration of up to two or three years, you can choose to solve this surgery

2, multiple abortion

monthly breast self-examination is very important

1, emotional factors

is hyperplasia of the breast lobular hyperplasia of the breast, actually refers to the mammary epithelium and hyperplasia of fibrous tissue, often as breast distending pain and breast lumps, pain common unilateral or bilateral breast pain or tenderness, recurrent pain, premenstrual occurrence or aggravation after menstruation relieved or disappeared; mass position in the outer breast when feeling, touch nodular, unclear boundaries with the surrounding tissue, with tenderness, no adhesion with the skin and deep tissue, which can be driven. Generally, the mass of the premenstrual period increases, the texture is hard; after the menstruation, the mass is reduced and the quality is tough.

experts pointed out that although the lower risk of canceration of breast hyperplasia, but still pay more attention to the good habit of female self, is a good way to prevent breast hyperplasia, at the same time, experts recommend you to go to the hospital for regular breast timely inspection, find out what is the abnormal situation please timely medical treatment.


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