Zhang Guangrong went to the Muli mining research supervision emphasizes the comprehensive improvemen

8 month 2 to 3, deputy governor of Qilian Mountains natural protection zone and ecological environment comprehensive improvement of Muli mining work group leader Zhang Guangrong went to work for the comprehensive improvement of ecological environment and Muli mining research supervision chaired a comprehensive rectification work site will promote.

Zhang Guangrong line depth, Muli Coalfield Jiangcang mine Juhugeng mine field view of pit backfill, slope, mountain green, wetland vegetation restoration, river dredging, demolition of illegally built, infrastructure construction and other comprehensive renovation work in progress, on-site guidance and coordination to resolve key and difficult problems. Then presided over the meeting, the next phase of the deployment of comprehensive rectification work.

Zhang Guangrong pointed out that this year, the comprehensive improvement of ecological environment in Muli mining area and achieved remarkable results, mining outlook changed significantly, but there is still a gap from the target requirements, must take a more resolute attitude, more effective measures, continue to focus on comprehensive renovation work, work together to fight the comprehensive improvement of the battle.

Zhang Guangrong stressed that all relevant departments and regions, responsibility of enterprises to firmly establish political awareness, overall awareness and sense of responsibility, the implementation of hundred-percent determine the central and provincial government remediation tasks and work requirements. Adhere to the problem oriented and goal oriented, in strict accordance with the measures and work plan clear time node, carefully organize the "look back", then work to find the gaps and problems, combing the task list, inverted schedule, a clear responsibility to further intensify its efforts to speed up the whole treatment schedule, on schedule to complete the comprehensive regulation of ecological environment in Muli mining tasks. To the central and provincial government submitted a satisfactory answer.


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