Xining cultural market focused on the end of 150 books checked checked

City pornography office from January 24th to January 31st of Xining city entertainment, Internet cafes, video, publishing and other cultural market to carry out centralized inspection for a period of one week, confiscated a number of illegal books and audio-visual products.

the inspection of law enforcement, "pornography office to conduct random checks of Datong, Huangzhong, Xining city four district 55 cultural establishments, the main check whether the Internet suspension" prohibit minors from entering "signs, licenses are complete, whether the admission of minors, and resolutely seized containing pornographic content, religious superstition and other illegal publications. In addition, the winter vacation, during the Spring Festival law enforcement agencies will also be accepted for minors and whether there are no dance performances and other illegal activities, according to law to investigate. It is reported that the checks were confiscated 150 illegal books, 1300 pirated audio-visual products, and investigate illegal admission of minors Internet 4. (author: Xiao Jun Dan)


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