Xining City Public Security Bureau East branch actively carry warm, caring activities

The howling wind can not stop delivering care steps, cold winter cooling can not send warm heartThe howling wind

stop delivering care steps, cold winter cooling can not send warm heart. On the eve of the Spring Festival, the East Branch of public security units to seriously implement the visits to "open the door on the police" deployment requirements, focus on the improvement of public security satisfaction, widely carry out and visit the "warmth and love" activities, the warmth of the people, embodies the mind of the police, create a safe and stable social environment, to make people spend a happy and peaceful holiday.

based on their own, convenience services, do practical things wholeheartedly

Spring Festival is approaching, the majority of police based on their own, starting from the masses are most concerned about things, work hard to solve practical problems, and actively carry out convenient activities, create a good image of people, close to the people, set off a round of various forms, rich in content and obvious effect of the "visit" boom. Bureau of each unit of care for the people, one after another out of the police, on the streets, laws and regulations to carry out publicity and education, convenient services and other activities, to create a strong atmosphere of harmony police. According to the city Bureau Command Center "110 Awareness Day" activities carried out in the streets to "open the door on the police, into the 110" as the theme of the series of promotional activities, through the interaction between the police and the public in various forms, open the door to visit the public opinion, listening to the voice of open heart, dispatched 30 police, 10 vehicles, the production of publicity panels 11 block, more than 500 copies of promotional materials, to further improve the general public security work and the "110" emergency work cognition.

poor, cares about the masses, real warmth

The units of the Public Security Bureau of

city actively carry out poverty relief activities, the organization of the police to life particularly difficult for the masses to go home and have a look, visit the area, active feedback to the relevant departments, coordinate all forces, efforts from the source to help these poor families through the difficulties of life, establish confidence in life, let people feel the police yushuiqingshen. The morning of January 26th, branch unified organization, team leadership, Juzhu each chamber deep in Datong County and helping to carry out centralized roots village condolences activities. In the message, the leader and the masses of each unit, chatted to sit side by side and talk intimately, the masses being, a detailed understanding of the practical difficulties in their lives, listen to their opinions and demands of the public security work, encourage them to adjust measures to local conditions, development advantages of the project, strive to become rich. The condolences total Ma Shi Zang Cun, Xun cloth Village 30 poor farmer sent 80 bags of flour, at the same time, also sent to the service, send to the warm, took care of, let the masses in the deeply felt the warmth of the party and the government, also realize the East Public Security Bureau is a the real civil service team; in January 27th, deputy director of the bureau Party committee, Zhou Jiongying led the Huzhengguanli police brigade to visit condolences to the household brigade long-term helping the poor people, Lin Wanlu Ma Jinlian, Zhao Guilan et al., and for them to send condolences to Kim and rice, flour and oil, clothing and other daily necessities. In the message, deputy director Zhou Jiongying each to a needy people, always Wenhanwennuan, told;

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