Provincial Commission for Discipline nspection of a comprehensive inventory of complaints review ca

day before the reporter learned from the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, since July this year, the province’s discipline inspection organs at all levels to carry out over the years for a comprehensive inventory of complaints. Through the inventory, to find out the situation, effectively resolve all kinds of complaints and contradictions, summed up and promote the work.

in this work, the provincial Party committee, discipline committee Dorje Geltan asked the province’s discipline inspection organs at all levels to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the party as the starting point, the spirit of seeking truth from facts, wrong reserved principle, adhere to a comprehensive, objective, impartial review and deal with the problem, just reflect the discipline review work.

according to the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the person in charge, do check work is an important manifestation of developing inner-party democracy, safeguard the democratic rights of Party members and the object of supervision, is the urgent need to improve the ability of law enforcement and discipline of the discipline inspection organs. Since 1990, the province’s discipline inspection system at all levels have gone through a total of 43 cases of reconsideration of the complaint, which, to maintain the original decision of the decision of the 28, change the revocation or partial change of the original punishment revoked of the 15. Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the complaints have not gone through the implementation of "reconsideration cases supervise the handling and disposal of pin number processing, and has been included in the accounting supervision.

through the inventory of parts of the appeal case, Richard found the appeal case registration Commission comb management is not standardized, avoidance mechanism can not be implemented, petition cadres service level is not high, and to summarize some practical and useful measures. Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission asked the province’s discipline inspection organs adhere sooner, in strict accordance with the provisions and procedures for handling according to discipline in accordance with regulations, a good grasp of the evidence, the amount of discipline, qualitative procedures, the test of history practice of each case, prevent and reduce complaints from the source. At the same time required to firmly establish the "realistically correct due to the limitations of historical conditions, the subjective understanding of the limitations of factors such as the misjudged case is also a performance concept, the complaints found in misjudged cases, things are not asylum, justice does not escape responsibility.


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