640 mass sports activities fitness boom

As the weather gets warmer, the province’s national fitness activities have begun to heat up, the majority of the people’s sports fitness has opened the prelude. This year, our province to spring, summer, autumn, winter dance as the theme, to carry out strong physique, add wisdom, Paul ecological, promote unity, national fitness activities, arranged a total of 640 events of mass sports activities.

spring go, get everybody moving. All cadres and workers and the masses of the Spring Festival, the lunar equinox, "38" women’s day as the theme, carry out Tachun, hiking, mountain climbing, fitness marathon and other activities, the sports fitness and outing together, enjoy the joy of both physical and mental health. At the same time, the primary and secondary school students can make the campus sports work to usher in the "final exam", tens of thousands of young people will all move. Around the celebration of May Day, 54, the "61" sports activities will pour.

summer season, leading the fitness craze. Around the lake race, the Yellow River challenge, the first China Qinghai international traditional archery elite, "walking the Chinese water tower" international sporting events such as hiking will lead to a new round of sports boom. Agricultural and pastoral areas of the Jockey Club, archery tournament, the game Guozhuang dance will become a big stage for trade and cultural exchanges and promote national unity and progress. In the thirteenth session of the Qinghai Cultural Tourism Festival, the "National Fitness Day" as an important node, the mass sports activities will usher in the climax, hiking, camping, cross-country motorcycle, bike riding, summer camp and other sports activities will further promote the sports fitness, sports tourism, sports consumption, highlighting the unique charm of ecological sports.

autumn, sports review. In autumn, sports activities "sustained high temperature", worker games, community games, sports fitness conference, herdsmen games, fun games and other sports activities. The integration of heroes, will showcase the fruits of sports work. "National Day", "Double Ninth Festival" during the festival, sports activities will appear "golden week"". Basketball, volleyball, football (joint), golf, Tai Chi (sword), martial arts competitions and other events continued.

winter dance, let fitness activities are no longer cold". Loved by the masses of the square dance, Guozhuang, aerobics, fitness yangko dance and basketball, tug of war, archery, farmers games and sports activities throughout the province each square, urban residential areas and villages in the courtyard, the cold stop people fitness enthusiasm, the masses will use fitness facts interpretation of "winter. 39".  

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