778 street lamp to Nanchuan road lights up

In October 3rd, Nanchuan road street reconstruction project undertaken by the municipal project management office is to implement, Nanchuan Road East of new street lights have been lit.

Nanchuan road street reconstruction project is one of the projects of our open projects, after the Nanchuan road because of the lighting brightness is not enough, the pedestrian and vehicle travel greater security risks, the repeated occurrence of traffic accident casualties. Nanchuan road street reconstruction project total investment of about 19 million yuan, the project started at the beginning of August. Road reconstruction from Nanchuan Industrial Park to Kunlun bridge, a total length of 11 km. Municipal Engineering Management Office staff told reporters, after receiving the task, they promptly to the engineering investigation, strengthen the weak links, in the construction of the high-altitude vehicles dispatched a total of 24 times, three installation arms fire Street 778, cable 4200 meters, the installation of all September 29th Nanchuan Road East Street is completed, during the National Day officially put into use, the the new road is put into use, Nanchuan road lighting conditions are significantly improved. The street municipal project management office responsible person told the reporter, at present they are carried out on the west side of Nanchuan road lamp installation and cable laying, the bottom of this month is expected to be delivered for use.

according to the reporter, after the camp street lighting facilities transformation has been completed, a total of 200 meters of cable laying, installation of double fire street lamp 8, improve the lighting conditions in the region.


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