My two local repertoire will debut National Ethnic Arts Festival

reporter from the province of Qinghai to attend the Fifth National Ethnic Arts Festival mobilization and safety training meeting was informed that from August 16th to September 14th, the Fifth National Ethnic Arts Festival held in Beijing. My delegation will bring large history, Tibetan Opera "Song Xan Gan Bbu" and the musical "Rainbow children" to Beijing to attend the festival.


Art Festival by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, the Ministry of culture, the State Press and Publication Administration of radio, sponsored by the Beijing Municipal People’s government, the national minority is one of the large-scale cultural activities, held every five years. My delegation composed of 279 people, vice governor Han Jianhua as the head, I participated in the previous theatrical festival the largest and most of the participating repertoire. Our province was selected as "Song Xan Gan Bbu" and "Rainbow children" two local repertoire participating, show the various ethnic groups in our province on earth plateau and harmonious spirit, work together with one heart, and colorful ethnic customs and colorful ethnic culture.

until now, my delegation went to Beijing to participate in the festival has entered the countdown stage, the delegation attaches great importance to the relevant departments, make careful arrangements, strengthen coordination, optimization scheme, refinement process, grasp the key nodes, clear security responsibilities, to carry out the work. Will be full of political enthusiasm and passion into the festival activities, establish a good image of Qinghai minority nationalities.

, the reporter also learned that the Baima County, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture "three banma Literary Group ‘s folk dance will debut theatrical festival opening ceremony gala.


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