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female irregular menstruation examination method has the general inspection. This examination is mainly for doctors to consult the patient’s medical history, the patient should try their best to cooperate with the doctor, accurate information, so that doctors can better find out the cause of the disease. Irregular menstruation to check what? A comprehensive physical examination can determine whether or not we have systemic disease. Pelvic examination, you can initially determine whether the patient’s reproductive organs deformity, tumor or inflammation and other abnormalities.

irregular menstruation examination method

female irregular menstruation to do the auxiliary examination of ultrasound examination, B ultrasound can reflect the patient’s uterus, ovary and pelvic abnormalities, help the doctor to understand whether these organs deformity, tumor and inflammation. Cytological examination is also irregular menstruation to do check, malignant tumor cells are more likely to fall off. Cytological examination can determine the nature of tumor cells and tissue particles, exclude lesions, check the ovarian function of patients. Irregular menstruation to do the inspection as well as biopsy, this check is very accurate and reliable, can provide diagnostic advice for doctors to determine the nature of the lesion.

irregular menstruation to check what the above examination, I hope that women can pay more attention and attention. Irregular menstruation is very serious, if you want to thoroughly treat the disease, to solve the problem, not only to understand how to check, but also the need for active treatment to reduce the incidence of disease.

female menstruation to check what to do? A lot of women with considerable attention to this problem, because of the abnormal menstruation hazard is very large, can cause many gynecological diseases, complete torture and great harm to the patient’s physical and mental. If you want to avoid these hazards, it is necessary to use the correct method of early diagnosis. Irregular menstruation to check what?

is commonly used in the determination of endocrine clinical understanding of ovarian function of patients, need determination of gonadal hormone, prolactin, thyroid and ovary and adrenal hormone, vaginal smear and inspection method for determination of basal body temperature. Menstruation is not necessary to do the examination of the fallopian tube radiography, through this examination, you can observe the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes, to determine whether there is a mucous membrane of the uterus, fallopian tubes are not blocked. Hysteroscopy and laparoscopy can directly observe the uterus and pelvic organs.

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