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Reporters from the province of

in July 4th Industrial and Commercial Bureau "foreign (Overseas) enterprises to attract college graduates and unemployed social supply and demand negotiations week" press conference that, as of now, the province’s industrial and commercial systems have been invited to the 436 foreign enterprises in 17 provinces and municipalities in July 12th held in Xining conference. By then, all enterprises will provide 20425 jobs.

Industrial and Commercial Bureau to support college graduates and social workers employment and reemployment work as a government of grief for the masses Jiechou public works, decided to start from July 12th, held a week-long "province in the province (foreign) enterprises to absorb college graduates and unemployed and discuss the week" activities. In order to "negotiate week" activities to achieve the desired objectives, the province’s industrial and commercial system from the beginning of February, by sending to the outside SEPEA invitation for friendly association part of foreign enterprises to participate in youth recruitment activities. From the beginning of April, sent 11 teams to go to Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Gansu, Fujian, and other provinces to carry out field visits and on-site invitation. In order to make more college graduates and social unemployed people find suitable jobs, and cadres traveled Qinghai University, Qinghai University for Nationalities and other 12 colleges, Qinghai hydropower occupation technical school 37 secondary occupation school extensive propaganda and mobilization, master graduates, invited students to actively participate in the interview, at present, there are 10091 graduates the College 11965 secondary occupation school graduates decided to apply for. The relevant departments to actively cooperate with the organization of 12227 people waiting for social employment.

it is understood that the participation in the negotiations Week activities outside the province (foreign) enterprises reached 441, well-known large enterprises reached 237, accounting for the invitation of the company’s 53.7%. One of the top 500 enterprises in the country, well-known, well-known trademark enterprises to participate in more of the 15. From the enterprise provides the employment posts, a clerk, technicians, engineers, technical personnel, management personnel, technical personnel and financial personnel, Computer Secretarial class 14, enterprise employment reached 3000 yuan monthly salary of 10% yuan -5000, 85% of the enterprises in the 1500 yuan monthly salary to 3000 yuan.


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