Against the four winds serving the masses of Xining Huimin initiatives fall on the masses

Decentralization, air pollution control, stability control prices, smooth traffic, beautiful villages and towns, is the wind Su Ji, Xining city on the service of the masses to solve the "last mile" problem, take a series of practical measures, and a fall in the people Huimin measures.

Xining city to solve the livelihood problems of the masses are most concerned about, the most direct and realistic throughout the educational practice of the mass line, decentralization of public is difficult, atmospheric pollution worries, illegal pornography solutions to public anger, price stability control solution of the livelihood of the people, the people of smooth traffic trouble, beautiful village people need solutions, is the wind Su Ji solution grievances, and achieved remarkable results. This year, the city canceled, decentralization, and approval 73, municipal departments to streamline the examination and approval of 16.7%; on behalf of the municipal government held a meeting to drop 13.5%, the municipal government and the office of the documents issued in the name down 8%, official reception expenses decreased 29.9%, the county units compared to the same period last year to streamline meetings 841 1310, streamline document, clear appraisal standards in recognition of the project 85. The city compression three funds 3 million 730 thousand yuan, clean up the office space of over 7790 square meters, investigate and deal with the problem of the "four winds", the organization of the treatment of 49 people.

from the beginning of the year, Xining great efforts, pay close attention to the air quality, price, traffic flow and other matters related to the interests of the masses. Strengthen the construction dust management, road dust control, motor vehicle pollution prevention and control, in March Xining air quality excellent rate of 54.84%, ranking in the country rose to the top of the list, ranking first in the northwest of the provincial capital of the city of 36. Formulated the illegal land rectification work implementation plan to maximize the elimination of illegal land use. Through government subsidies, the market price regulation, zero slip control, farm, agricultural and sideline products stores and vegetables direct car construction, living allowances and other disadvantaged groups to implement a series of dynamic control measures, the consumer price index over the same period last year, down 2.2 percentage points. The implementation of the parking lot and the hub station, Xining intelligent traffic information system construction, road microcirculation, bus lanes of 9 categories of smooth traffic project. Currently, the intersection of the main city of the canal, the establishment of bus lanes, traffic signal optimization, delisting road and other work in an orderly manner. At the same time, three counties in the city’s 58 villages in the construction of the plateau beautiful countryside. To promote the county (District) and the town center building, strengthen the county, villages and towns purification, greening, landscaping.


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