830 thousand yuan! Pure wool rugs are the most expensive

50 thousand, 100 thousand, 800 thousand, each time the price increases, so that the value of the handmade blankets to participate in the auction continues to rise. In June 25th at the handmade boutique carpet auction, attracted the Tibetan carpet lovers from around the world. A pure wool Persian rug from Iran was captured by collectors at a price of $830 thousand, which is the most expensive item in the auction.

as the auctioneer and auction hammer down, finally the bidders became the new owner of the carpet. In the auction site, exotic rich Persian carpets and a unicorn from Xinjiang, a handmade carpet attracted the attention of the Tibetan carpet lovers. This piece of "kylin" handmade carpet has attracted people’s attention, because of the legendary origin originally, the blanket is northwest Majiajun officer sloppy mountain on 1937 to the British Embassy in Xinjiang consulate of Kashi carpet, carpet kylin and small tiger true to life, a high collection value, the carpet is a foreign fans to 800 thousand yuan the high shot away.

it is responsible for the auction of the commerce department responsible person, to participate in the auction of handmade carpets were collected through auditions around the experts, from 100 auction in the final selected 16 pieces of carpet products to participate in the auction. 16 pieces of handmade carpets, 7 pieces of handmade carpets from Iran, Pakistan, Nepal, the hand woven carpets, showing people exquisite carpet dyeing, weaving, carrying the different geographical features of the culture, profound and unique, scarcity, artistic value and collection value.  

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