Provincial Party committee made the decision to carry out learning activities to the tip of the comr

recently, the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee issued "on the posthumous pointed measures comrade" the province’s outstanding communist party member "title and carry out learning activities to the comrades pointed measures decision", called on the province’s party members and cadres to learn from Comrade pointed.

pointed measures, male, Tibetan, who had served as the Henan Mongolian Autonomous County, stipules Township deputy mayor and party secretary, director of the County Office of the National People’s Congress, director of the office of the county government, youganning town party secretary and chairman of the NPC Presidium, county committee, united front minister. December 4, 2015, due to overwork, sudden myocardial infarction died, only 47 years old. Comrades pointed measures to participate in the revolution of 24 years, always firm ideals and beliefs, keep in mind the purpose of the party, loyal to the party’s cause, in close contact with the masses, to promote national unity, maintaining social stability, has made outstanding contributions to protect and improve people’s livelihood, by local people as the "pure Mongolian flag". Tip. Comrade long-term work at the grassroots level, the courage to play, dare to be responsible, strict with oneself. He put the service for the masses as the greatest pleasure in life, often go to the village households and herdsmen conversation, to help people solve problems, resolve conflicts and disputes mediation. In the critical period of stability in Tibetan areas, in spite of his illness, on the job line, with the life practice of Communists clank oath, the interpretation of the Communist Party of noble character.

"decision" pointed out that the advanced deeds of Comrade pointed measures and valuable spirit, embodies the unification of the party and the masses, embodies the unification of function and play the advantages of the United Front to practice the mass line, embodies the unification of cohesion and promote harmony, embodies the unification of hard work, the courage to play, and practical officer innovative set, practice the three three real strict "and" two a "model for the province’s party members and cadres. In recognition of advanced, cohesion positive energy, encourage party members and cadres of the province did not forget the early heart, continue to move forward, more consciously and actively join in the construction of the "three zones", Qinghai to build a more harmonious and beautiful, the provincial Party committee decided to posthumously pointed measures comrade "the outstanding communist party member" title, and carry out learning activities to comrades in the whole province pointed. Range. The majority of the province’s party members and cadres should take pointed measures to seriously study Comrade for example, his loyalty to the party’s cause, the courage to play for the political character of learning; his close ties with the masses, selfless love for the people of the spirit of dedication; learning he hold position line, the plateau of professionalism; learning He Lian lured self-discipline, maintain public servant the color of incorruptible style.

provincial requirements, the province’s Party organizations at all levels to carry out the study to the pointed measures activity of comrade and "two learn a" learning education combined with the advanced deeds of Comrade pointed measures as the theme, group a focus on learning, leading cadres in a keynote lectures, the Party branch in a symposium, Party members cadres write a learning experience. To the depth of excavation reports pointed measures the advanced deeds of comrade and vivid examples, organization deeds report group tour report, Party members and cadres to guide the control measures the tip of the advanced deeds of Comrade mirror, shortcomings, clear direction, and further build a strong belief, strengthen the responsibility to play, more to be enthusiastic and press on spirit and more pragmatic work;

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