Gansu Province, two mu of copper and nickel in summer development matters consultation forum held in

December 5th, Gansu Province, two mu of copper and nickel in summer development matters consultation forum held in Xining. Qinghai Provincial Committee and vice governor Luo Yulin, Gansu provincial Party committee, deputy governor Liu Yongfu attended the forum, the two sides negotiated the forum summer Kazakhstan wooden nickel copper mine development issues, and exchanged views on Further Strengthening the strategic cooperation between the two provinces.

Luo Yulin on behalf of the provincial Party committee and provincial government to the first line of a warm welcome to, and Gansu province has long expressed concern and support for the economic and social development of Qinghai, heartfelt thanks. He said, Gansu Province two in the western inland areas, in the field of market, resources, talents, technology needs a strong relationship, in terms of geoculture, based on the conditions of economic development, there are many similarities, the two sides have established deep friendship exchanges and cooperation in the long-term. In particular, the economic zone of the western part of the country has become a national strategy, which has brought about new opportunities for the development of the two provinces of Gansu and Qinghai Province, the construction of a new growth pole for the development of the western region, and the promotion of regional coordinated development.

Luo Yulin pointed out that in recent years, with the increasing investment in geological prospecting, Qinghai geological prospecting achievements, have proved the summer hamu copper nickel deposit, Dachang gold deposit and a number of mineral resources, for the implementation of advantageous resources transformation strategy to lay a solid foundation. As a resource less developed province, the demand for scientific exploration and exploitation of mineral resources in Qinghai is more urgent and demanding. In the introduction of the development of mineral resources enterprise, Qinghai has always been adhering to the "optimal" principle, to large enterprise technology, capital, equipment and other comprehensive strength in the exploitation of mineral resources in Qinghai, the resources development and promote the development of related industries, to achieve scientific development and comprehensive utilization of resources, make a positive contribution to promote the economic development of Qinghai.

after listening to the relevant departments of the Gansu provincial government and the introduction of the company in Jinchuan, Luo Yulin on the development of the company in recent years has been fully affirmed. He said, Gansu Province, Jinchuan group company in non-ferrous metallurgy and chemical industry strength, obvious advantages in capital, talent, technology and other aspects, I hope the company further in-depth research, the research put forward specific proposals in the summer hamu copper nickel mine development.

Liu Yongfu said that in recent years, Qinghai Province vigorously implement the prospecting breakthrough strategic action, geological prospecting has made remarkable achievements in Qinghai has become a major breakthrough, the prospecting breakthrough strategic actions most significant achievements in the area, is to the important mineral resources continue to stride, we get to Qinghai in geological prospecting as a result of admiration, is worth learning from Gansu province. Gansu actively supports Gansu’s outstanding enterprises to participate in the development of resources in Qinghai, the advantages of Qinghai’s resources and technology and capital advantages of Gansu enterprises, together to contribute to the promotion of economic development of the two provinces. He hoped that both sides will take this forum as an opportunity to give full play to their respective advantages, strategic cooperation to carry out multi-level, multi form, omni-directional, complementary advantages, win-win cooperation, the two provincial cooperation to a new level, and make a positive contribution to the construction of Lanxi economic zone. (author: Zhang Haihu)

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