Children’s toys top ten brands

now to buy a few toys for children, has become a commonplace thing. After all, a family usually has one or two children, and adults work hard in order that the children can have better living conditions. Perhaps it is precisely because of the concept of consumption, children’s toy market will be more and more broad. Next, the small series of children’s toys to introduce the top ten brands to see if you are familiar with these brands.

toys are the pillars of the children’s imagination, thinking and other psychological processes to act. Children’s toys can develop the ability to exercise, training awareness, stimulate imagination, arouse curiosity, physical and mental development for children to provide material conditions. Many children’s toys are toys, toys, mosaic image technology and assembling toys, sports toys, building and construction toys, music toys, toys, sound labor activities decorative toys and homemade toys etc..

on its material, the common children’s toys are wooden toys, plastic toys, plastic toys, metal toys, cloth toys, etc.; on its function, the most popular is the development of intelligent toys.

toys ten brand ranking (NO.1:MATTEL Mattel began in 1959 in the United States, the world’s leading toy company, with Bobbi Doll / fenghuolun / Lion King / Naruto / Simpson a famous product, Mattel toy company)

toys ten brand ranking NO.2:Lego Lego (Denmark in 1932, the world’s top 500, family owned private enterprises, the world’s fourth largest toy manufacturers, the world famous brand toys, Lego Trading (Beijing) Co., Ltd.)

toys ten brand ranking NO.3:Hasbro HASBRO (founded in 1923 in the United States, one of the larger global toy manufacturer Transformers toy father, ten brands, HASBRO Trading (China) Limited)

toys ten brand ranking NO.4: Audi AULDEY (infant toy brand, famous brand in Guangdong Province, listed companies, large domestic animation and entertainment industry group, Austrian flying entertainment Limited by Share Ltd)

children’s toys ten brands ranked NO.5: HWTOYS HUAWEI (Guangdong province famous brand, set toys creative / animation film / terminal chain / high technology as a whole, listed companies, HWTOYS Polytron Technologies Inc)

toys ten brand ranking NO.6:Bandai Bandai (founded in 1950 in Tokyo, Japan more comprehensive entertainment company, world famous toy company Bandai Co., Bandai toys (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. "

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