Sushi stores transition to long

why will be very optimistic about the foreign food and beverage catering investment projects sushi? It is his business profit is relatively high, just because of this, so join a sushi restaurant has become a popular investment choice, often want to join the Advisory to want to open sushi stores, in the end how long does it take the official business. Let me answer this question for you.

in general, to join a sushi shop need to contact the company to join the consultation, to determine the contract signed after the cooperation. After the signing of the contract is completed, about three days, the company will arrange the location of the store location for inspection, and determine whether your shop is suitable for sushi shop.

How long does it take for

to open a sushi restaurant?

after this, to join the company to give you a shop design and renovation program, that is, plans and construction plans, as long as you ask the local master and buy materials to seize the time to decorate the good. This time you look at the decoration time to determine the size of the shop, but the time is generally not more than a month. During this period, in general, the company will be based on the size of your shop to do your menu, leaflets planning.

After the

, such as your shop decoration almost, the menu is also planning the design is completed, the company will join you to arrange to send the chef team, and gives a list of materials procurement.

finally, you need to apply for a business license and other business documents, and then to recruit a few waiters in the local, and the waiter for a simple training. After everything is ready, you can open the sushi shop.

this calculation takes about three months or so, the above is from the signing of the contract to join the official business of the time required to introduce. If you want to know more about sushi join, please pay attention to our website, please leave a message!

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